Making Sense of COVID-19

In an effort to make sense of what's going on around the world today with COVID-19 and all the conflicting information and controlled narrative surrounding it, we need to turn to the one who knows the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:9-10) because He has given us insight into the truth of the matter. In Revelation 18, we read about the ultimate fall of Babylon. The allegorical term "Babylon" is used to describe the influence of Satan's kingdom on the human race. It's also known as the "mystery of iniquity". We don't understand how such influence takes place, but it does. Consider the following:
For your merchants were the great ones of the earth, and all nations were deceived by your sorcery. Revelation 18:23b
This is in reference to Babylon. The first thing to notice is who the great ones are. In the past, the great ones of the earth were usually leaders of nations or military leaders. However, in the end times it is the merchants, those who buy and sell and trade, who are the great ones. This is also in keeping with what we know about the ten horns who rise to power (Revelation 17:12). They are not leaders of nations. The merchants of Babylon in the above verse are those who we refer to today as the wealthy elites. They are the ones who are influenced by evil spirits to carry out the global deception mentioned in that verse.

That deception is based on sorcery or witchcraft. That may sound strange at first but if you look at the Greek word that is translated sorcery, it's pharmakeia, from which we get our English word pharmacy. The sorcery that the wealthy elites use to deceive the world is based in medicines, or poisons. It is widely believed that several millennia ago, evil spirits corrupted mankind further through revealing hidden knowledge (Enoch 8). The end times are similarly characterized by an increase in spiritual activity and knowledge.

If COVID-19 is a product of medical witchcraft, and it does look to fit the bill, what is the deception associated with it? How does it deceive the nations? Every convincing deception is based in truth. There is a virus of some sort that is causing people to die. That's pretty obvious. The deception comes from the narrative that surrounds it, or more accurately, the conclusion meant to be drawn from the narrative. All of the non-stop coverage of statistics, shutdowns, cancellations, etc. are designed to instill the fear of death from a new virus that's unlike anything that's yet been seen. Having control over the major news and social media outlets, which the wealthy elites do, helps to shape the narrative. More than a few times I've heard officials say that things won't return to normal until an effective vaccine is found. And that's the deception, the perception of a mandatory vaccine being required to overcome COVID-19.

What purpose does such a deception serve? I've heard many people say that they think a mandatory vaccine is a way for the wealthy to get wealthier. That may be true but I think it serves a more nefarious purpose that goes beyond creating a market for your product. If vaccines become mandatory, there will need to be a way to know who has been vaccinated and who has not. This will create a need for some kind of ID technology that's somehow tied to the vaccine. The most foolproof way for this to occur is to include an ID technology in with the vaccine itself. I expect that there's some sort of nano-quantum technology that can be used to accomplish this. Such an approach, though, will invariably be met with resistance.

The countermeasures currently being employed until a vaccine is available are a means of further conditioning people to give up individual liberties for the safety of society as a whole. It's a variation of a theme that has been repeated several times in recent decades. Social distancing, mandatory masks, endless testing and the like also serve to gauge compliance. How willing are people to engage in inconvenient measures that health officials tell them are effective and are for the greater good of society? If you plan to roll out a controversial vaccine, it's good to know where resistance is likely to come from so you can soften them up beforehand.

If we look again at where things are going, we know from Revelation 13 that people will be required to receive a mark on their right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell anything. Could a mandatory vaccine, along with some kind of ID technology, be a step in that direction? Quite possibly. We'll know more as things continue to unfold. Being armed with the knowledge of where things are headed gives us the means to see through the shroud of deception concealing the true motives and goals of the wealthy elites. Do not trust in deceivers to help you. They are manipulating the world through medical witchcraft for their own purposes. Trust in Jesus Christ. There is salvation in no one else (Acts 4:12).